Visit O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers for Your Trade-In! 

O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers Offers the Best Price

Are you in the market for a new car and want to trade in your old one? Make sure you visit O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers to get the most value towards the purchase of a new vehicle. Our team of professionals is here to get you more than the max by offering $500 over its top-rated value. You can even use our trade-in tools to see the value of your car before coming onto the lot by visiting here. With a couple of clicks and two minutes of your time, you can discover what your vehicle is worth and what we will pay for it.

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Can You Improve the Value of Your Car?

You bet you can! If after you plug in all the necessary information with our online tool, you are unsatisfied with the price they calculated there are some steps you can take to ensure you get the most value for your reliable vehicle:

Give It a Good Cleaning: Detailing your car before bringing it in can significantly increase the value of it. Potential buyers want the new car smell and feel even when purchasing used. Make sure to get stains removed to help give it a fresher, like-new appearance.

Make the Fixes: If your car has some small required fixes or minor maintenances, it is best to go ahead and invest in getting those completed before trading in. Spending the money now can grant you a higher rating when bringing it into O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers. Potential buyers will be on the lookout for repairs needed, so the less you have, the higher the chance of them purchasing, and the less we have to complete, the more we can give you. 

Check Your Tires: If your tires could use an upgrade because of normal wear and tear, or you have had it patched a few times, it may do you and the car good to buy a fresh set of inexpensive tires. There’s no need to get the best of best, but having new tires on a car will greatly affect the price value when considering selling.

Keep Your Paperwork: O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers will be interested in seeing the proof of service you have had done to the car. Keeping receipts and other documentation is a good idea, but if you haven’t kept these documents over the years, don't worry! Your shop will have a record of them as well, and you can retrieve them there.

Drive Less: The higher the mileage, the lower your check for the trade-in. When it comes time to sell, try to keep it off the road as much as you can to help keep the mileage as low as possible.

Trade-In and Buy at O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers 

If you have further questions about how to make the most of your trade-in, reach out to the team at O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers. Our staff wants to get you the most value for your car. We can also help get you into a new ride before you leave. We also have three certified pre-owned programs to get you the best deal for a high-quality vehicle. Once we determine your amount, don’t forget we offer $500 above that to help you even more!