Certified Pre-Owned Programs at O'Brien Auto Park 

Multiple Certified Pre-Owned Programs

Fort Myers, FL drivers have a stellar option when it comes to shopping for used cars. At O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers, we have three different certified pre-owned programs to help meet your needs and match your budget. We have a variety of models from noted car manufacturers such as Mazda, Subaru, and Hyundai. You get the added benefit of knowing these are high-quality vehicles as each has gone through close inspection and have experienced refurbishments where needed. 

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How Does O'Brien Auto Park Quality Certified Pre-Owned?

Certification comes from the manufacturers of the models you find on our lot. They have a strong belief in their lightly used vehicles by following strict criteria on all the available options. Some lots in the area use wordplay to trick consumers into thinking they are buying a great vehicle. These vehicle options often have only been inspected by the dealership or have minimal protection for consumers. Unlike at O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers, where you can feel protected when purchasing because the manufacturer offers the extended warranties and their inspections include:

Condition: Not only do our vehicles go through manufacturer certifications, but each one on the lot has also been seen by an OEM-certified technician to go over all the finer details to ensure its good condition. If there are any issues, we reconcile them and put them into the history of the vehicle before it hits our lot.

Age: Another restriction, a certified pre-owned vehicle must meet is their age. Manufacturers will require them to have been produced within the past few years to give you their latest designs and innovative technologies.

Mileage: Another benefit you receive with a certified pre-owned vehicle is their low mileage. These vehicles are required to be well under 100,000 and typically land around 35,000-70,000 to get you the most for your purchase without buying a brand-new model. 

Why Choose an O'Brien Auto Park CPO Vehicle?

Want to get a new car, but concerned about the high sticker price? Then, a certified pre-owned vehicle from O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers is for you! You get the confidence of owning a high-quality vehicle without the substantial costs and added benefits only found on our lot:

Warranty Coverage: Since they are certified pre-owned, warranties such as short-term bumper-to-bumper or even long-term powertrain coverage is provided by the manufacturers. They provide these coverages to give you a better sense of confidence when driving off our San Jose, CA lot.

Roadside Assistance: You won’t have to worry about common roadside issues such as dead batteries or flat tires either. Buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers means you get roadside coverage in tandem with your warranties provided by the manufacturers.

Vehicle History Report: You will also receive a detailed accident and maintenance vehicle history report with the purchase of your certified pre-owned vehicle. This report also assures your car, truck, or SUV has a clean title.

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If you have more questions about purchasing a certified pre-owned vehicle and their specifications, please feel free to call or visit the O'Brien Auto Park of Fort Myers lot! 

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